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FPGA Miner T1+ / 3 Hash Boards


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The FPGA Miner T1+ contains 3 hash boards, which have updated hardware design and product
structure of FPGA Miner T1. It’s mining efficiency is greatly improved through its extrodinary
performance in heat dissipation. FPGA Miner T1+ supports the same algorithms as FPGA Miner
T1. A power supply with DC12V output is needed. (power supply over1300W is recommanded)

• Plug and Play FPGA Mining-Rig. Start Crypto-Mining out of the box with the most
actual and effective FPGA Miner and software. Ready installed, pre-configured and all
mining algorythms included!• 1 Control board with one 6-pin port
• 3 hash boards with two 6-pin ports each. Each interface is connected to a power
supply. Two sets of wires connecting the controller and the two hash boards.
• IP adress feedback-button, Ethernet cable interface, reset button and status indicators
visible on the front
• Air inlet area with big fan at the front
• Clear internal structure, unique air duct – maximum heat dissipation!
• Manual (english) for individual configuration

The ready installed FPGA miner T1+ comes with ALL MINING ALGORYTHMS preinstalled.
Further you get a detailed manual for individual configuration. Each of the 3 hash boards has two
6pin ports while control boards has one. Each interface needs to be connected to a power supply. 3
sets of wires connect the controller and the 3 hash boards. On the front of the controller, we can see
the IP address feedback button, Ethernet cable interface, reset button and status indicators. The front
fan of the mining machine is the air inlet area. The rear fan has not been adopted but a spider web
shaped plate is very good for air flow, which makes the overall design lighter and smoother. The
internal structure of the FPGA Miner T1+ is very concise and it provides a larger heat dissipation
area. The module spacing also forms a unique air duct inside the mining machine, which is
maximizing the use of fans and structural walls to maximize heat dissipation.

Preinstalled Algorythms:
lyra2z: 93.0 MH/s
skeincoin: 7.56 GH/s
xvg_lyra2rev2: 324.0 MH/s
phi2: 77.5 MH/s
phi1612: 470.0 MH/s
tribus: 4.4 GH/s
nexus: 3.87 GH/s
bcx: 26.0 GH/s
0xbtc: 35.2 GH/s
keccak: 34.9 GH/s
xdag: 22.6 GH/s
zp: 35.2 GH/s
verus: 100.8 GH/s
keccakc: 34.9 GH/s
keccakd: 34.9 GH/s
amoveo: 82.6 GH/s
sha3d: 13.6 GH/s
Power on wall: 1.0 KW


• FPGA Miner T1 priced and sold in BITCOIN (BTC) or ETHEREUM (ETH).
• The order can not be cancelled after being confirmed and paid.
• You can request to send the mining machine to the designated address after payment.
Warranty & After-sales Service
• No refund or return after payment, regardless of whether it is shipped or hosted.
• If the purchased mining machine needs to be shipped out, a 200-day warranty is provided
starting from the shipping date.
• If customer wants to host the machine in our official date center for more than one year, a
365-day warranty is provided starting from the date of purchase.
• If customer suspends the hosting within three months after purchase, a 180-day warranty is
provided starting from the date of shipment.
• If customer suspends the hosting within six months ,a 120-day warranty is provided starting
from the date of shipment.
• If customer suspends the hosting within nine months of hosting,a 60-day warranty is
provided starting from the date of shipment.
• If customer suspends hosting after eleven months but within one year, a 30-day warranty is
provided starting from the date of shipment.
The following events will void the warranty:
• Customer removes/replaces any components by himself without receiving permission from
FPGA Miner  team first;
• Damage caused by poor power supply, lightning or voltage surges;
• Burnt parts on hash boards or chips;
• Miner/boards/components damage due to water immersion or corrosion due to wet
• Over voltage.
• If these happen, a charged repair service will be provided.

The delivery will take approx 7-10 working days after payment.

• Power SupplyDC 12V
• PowerDepend on different algorithms, power >1300W is recommended
• Volume430mm × 290mm × 240mm(with package)
• Weight5.047kg(net)6.0kg(with package)
• Operating ambient temperature-30℃ ~ 40℃

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